Webinar on “The Investigation of Judicial Misconduct”

Morgen, 14.5.2020, 15 Uhr findet ein online Seminar zu Fragen der Führung von Disziplinarverfahren/Ermittlung bei Fehlverhalten gegen Richter statt.

Details siehe unten.

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Dear Participants of the Global Judicial Integrity Network,
We would like to remind you to join the Webinar on “The Investigation of Judicial Misconduct”, as part of the series of Webinars that the Global Judicial Integrity Network has organized for the month of May. This session will focus on a series of interesting cases investigating judicial misconduct and will discuss how to improve the investigation of misconduct while safeguarding judicial independence. The lecture will be provided by David J. Sachar. David J. Sachar is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission in Arkansas, United States and as an Advisory Board Member of the National Center for State Courts. He previously gained experience as a litigator and prosecuting attorney in the United States.
When? Thursday, 14 May, 15.00 – 15.30  CEST (8.00 in Lima; 9.00 in New York City; 13.00 in Dakar; 16.00 in Doha; 20.00 in Bangkok; 22.00 in Seoul; 23.00 in Sydney)
Registration procedure: No advance registration is necessary to attend the webinar. Participants who wish to attend should only click in the respective link at the time and day indicated for the webinar. The participation will be limited to 250 participants and accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Tips to participate in the webinar: Please find attached the Guide for Users of the Global Judicial Integrity Network Webinar Series which includes the rules that should be followed by the participants during the webinar as well as technical guidance to access the platform.
We strongly encourage participants to test the access to the platform in advance and to join the platform 10 minutes before the beginning of the webinar.
Participants who wish to participate in the seminar will only need a Wi-Fi network and an audio system on their computers. We kindly ask participants to mute their microphones and turn off their cameras during the webinar. The system will enable a chat service through which participants can ask questions to the lecturer. The webinar will be in English only.


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